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Our cash pick-up service comprises of picking up cash from our customers’ outlets, which include bank vaults and entities who handle large volumes of cash as part of their day-to-day operations, such as large retailers and petrol stations. We pick up cash from such outlets in a safe and secure manner, processes the cash, and deposits it at the customer’s designated location, such as the customer’s bank.

  • Risk management : With our secure transportation service, our clients can make their place of business less attractive target for criminals by removing excess cash and limiting the exposure to internal and external theft. In addition, eliminating the risk of transporting cash, a risk that not only threatens your cash but also your personal safety .
  • Increased productivity : When we transport cash or deal with security issues, our clients are free to focus on what really matters which is, their core business.with the heightened sense of security that comes with using our armoured cars for cash deposits and cash transportation, our clients will feel safer and more protected.
  • Cost savings : When CIT services are outsourced to us, our clients reduce their reliance on expensive, in-house risk management processes and the additional training required to prepare the team to deal with security issues.
  • Improved customer service : Good customer service includes protecting customers and their money. Our armoured trucks deter criminal activity by reducing cash on hand and visually assuring customers of your commitment to their safety.
  • Greater peace of mind : Cash handling endangers employees, our customers and their business. But with Securevalue, you can sleep better at night knowing you've transferred that risk and the liability associated with cash transportation to the most trusted name in the business.