CIT - Cash In Transit

We provide for the safe transport of cash. Cash is carried in vehicles, which are monitored through an in-house GPS tracking system.

ATM Services

The ATM services offered include ATM cash replenish-
ment, ATM maintenance and repair, deposit pick-up and cash processing.

Cash Processing

Our Cash processing services include counting and sorting services and reconciliation services.

Cash Vault Services

We enable better management of cash operations and deliver a complete cash processing outsourcing solution for financial institutions.

Cash Pickup Services

Our cash pick-up services comprises of picking up cash from our customers’ outlets, which include bank vaults and entities who handle large volumes of cash as part

Security Vans

Our security vans are body designed to withstand a security intrusion. Equipped with the latest in communication technology, our vans ensure a safe and timely delivery of valuable goods. The famous yellow and blue color signature is a mark of our security vans.

Security Infrastructure

We provide cash management services through a fleet of 421 cash vans, 15 vaults and 75 spoke locations, covering 440 cities and towns in India. Our vaults or strongrooms are secure facilities where currency,

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